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    IPPG Provider Network

    A multinational International Concierge practicing physicians.

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    A personalized global health access card

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    Personalized Concierge Medicine

    Personalized to meet members total healthcare need

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Our global concierge health access card program is issued and sponsored by in-country financial institutions, providing cardholders with access to our extensive global network of top-tier hospitals and concierge specialist physicians. This partnership enables seamless access to high-quality medical care, wherever you are in the world.


We developed and managed Outpatient Satellite Clinics (OSCs) in select emerging African countries, enabling member physicians from internationally accredited hospitals to deliver top-notch outpatient medical care to our card members. Conveniently located where members live and work.


In our luxurious and conveniently located medical facilities, we prioritize privacy, personalized wellness care, and disease management, leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced treatment options that meet international standards. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our care, from state-of-the-art facilities to our team of expert clinicians, dedicated to delivering personalized attention and compassionate care, OnDemand.

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We partnered with globally renowned leaders in wellness and disease management to offer our card members premium concierge medical practices and Second Medical Opinion (SMO) services, seamlessly integrated with our CMD Outpatient Satellite Clinics (CMD-OSC) in the countries where we operate. This collaboration empowers us to deliver exceptional healthcare expertise, personalized care, and cutting-edge medical advice, all conveniently accessible within our members' own communities.

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We're offering personalized solutions to congested healthcare delivery systems one community at a time.


Why Become a Member?

For individuals seeking to take charge of their wellbeing, concierge medicine is a burgeoning global trend in healthcare delivery, mirroring the personalized approach of private banking in the financial sector. Our global health access membership program empowers individuals to tailor their healthcare experience, aligning with their unique lifestyle preferences for privacy, convenience, and expert care - all accessible in the comfort of their own community. Additionally, members gain entry to a worldwide network of best practices in healthcare, ensuring seamless access to cutting-edge medical expertise anywhere in the developed world.

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A Global Health Access Card

Our Global Health Access Card program offers a multi-functional membership card that combines the benefits of a loyalty rewards card, debit card, and health access card. Issued in partnership with leading financial institutions and sponsored by corporate entities, this card empowers employees, customers, and clients to access our extensive global network of top-tier hospitals and concierge specialist physicians. Through this partnership, we enable seamless onboarding of members, providing access to high-quality outpatient medical care facilities both domestically and internationally, wherever our subscribing members live and work.

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Physicians Practice Group (IPPG)

IPPG, an association of independent physicians, holds consultant status in their clinical practice and meets CMD Health Systems' concierge doctor guidelines.

Prospective members can make an online request for consideration, facilitated by licensed third-party recruiters. Once approved by the governing board, doctors become members under the membership agreement.

We encourage Nigerian practicing physicians in the diaspora to apply for membership with possible equity interest as a charter member of IPPG.

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Empowering high-net-worth individuals through personalized healthcare, serving esteemed customers of financial institutions and executives of leading companies.