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    CMD Well-Lux

    International standard, integrated wellness club.

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    IPPG Provider Network

    A multinational International Concierge practicing physicians.

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    Personalized Concierge Medicine

    Personalized to meet members total healthcare need

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We proudly collaborate with a distinguished group of internationally renowned physicians who are members of our esteemed International Physician Practice Group (IPPG). Our mission is to deliver unparalleled and world-class healthcare services to all our clients. With our dedicated team of top-notch providers, we ensure access to exceptional medical expertise anytime and anywhere in the world.

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We prioritize creating a conducive environment for your professional growth, offering opportunities for collaboration, advancement, and success in your medical career.

Few benefits of being a provider on our team includes:

Global Exposure: As part of our organization, you gain access to a diverse and international client base, allowing you to expand your professional reach and make a global impact in healthcare.

Prestigious Network: Joining our team connects you with other esteemed medical professionals, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the opportunity to learn from experts across various specialties.

Cutting-Edge Resources: We provide state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical technology, and access to the latest research and advancements in healthcare, empowering you to deliver top-notch and innovative care to your patients.

Collaborative Environment: Our team fosters a collaborative and supportive work culture, encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation and teamwork. You will have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded professionals, enhancing your ability to provide comprehensive and holistic care to patients.

Reputation and Trust: Joining our team elevates your professional reputation, as our organization is known for its commitment to excellence, quality care, and patient satisfaction. Being associated with us enhances your credibility and instills trust in your patients.

Professional Development: We prioritize the growth and development of our providers. You will have access to ongoing training, continuing education opportunities, and professional mentorship, ensuring your skills and knowledge remain up to date and aligned with industry standards.

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