The shortage of clinicians, congestion at outpatient clinics, shortage of quality care infrastructure in many parts of the globe including but not limited to the developed countries has increased the use of telemedicine and concierge medicine in the developed countries.

Our TeleMed Network Clinical services offers employers, health plan and healthcare providers and their patients multiple benefits which include but are not limited to: convenience, increase in patient satisfaction and a healthier practice.


Our TeleMed-Studio is a hybrid of a telemedicine cart within a clinical consulting room managed by board-certified clinical care nurses who perform biometric screenings before being connected with a physician at partnering clinics or at a partner hospital. Each TeleMed-Studio will be situated at our various partners' physical facility for immediate and convenient access to Preventative Wellness Care.



Our Well-Lux facility introduces "TeleMed-VIP Suites," revolutionizing concierge medical practice in West Africa's healthcare market. This cutting-edge platform hosts up to five specialist consultants, enabling instant Second Medical Opinions (SMOs) across international hospitals for comprehensive diagnostics. This innovation optimizes cost-efficiency for our valued members while significantly impacting lives.


Our luxurious lobby boasts of an ambiance akin to a luxury resort, where members receive a gracious welcome and are accompanied to their exclusive consulting suites by dedicated concierge care coordinators. Be it an outpatient or in-patient visit, you are assured of a five-star treatment that surpasses all other facilities in the country.

This exemplifies the essence of concierge medical services.

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With Well-Lux Card members gain access to a global network of concierge medical care providers with more than 2.5 million in CareCredit-Points (CCP) currency, equivalent in US dollars in health care privileges with no exclusion on any treatment within our medical network facilities.